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Sujatha Rangarajan
Writer Sujatha

Sujatha (original name S. Rangarajan), one of the most popular Tamil writers was born on Friday, May 3, 1935. He developed a unique style of writing which got him a wide audience. He had made a difference in the Tamil literature world by contributing a variety of innovative ideas. In fact, some new writers followed his footsteps to enter into the world of Tamil literature. His first story was published in 1953 in ‘Sivaji’ magazine. He has continuously written since 1962 and has written more than 100 novels, 250 short stories, 10 science books, 10 dramas, several poems, Q&A series and numerous articles (the numbers are approximate). His “Kadaisi Pakkam” (last page) in Kanaiyali magazine became very popular. This made him write several “Pakkams” (pages) in other magazines too.

Sujatha’s literary work includes fiction (short stories, novels, drama) in different categories like social, thriller, science, prose (articles), poems, etc. He had written a good number of science fiction stories in Tamil. He has written books which explain science in simple Tamil terms (some of the book topics include: Computers, Brain etc). He had also compiled a list of Tamil equivalent words for computer terms.

Sujatha encouraged other writers through his excellent reviews in popular magazines.

Sujatha was a Multi-media writer – apart from writing for print and web magazines, he had written stories, screenplays and dialogues for several Tamil movies, stage plays and TV sitcoms. He had also written stories for multi-media educational CD ROMs.

He received an award from the Indian government (National Council for Science and Technology) in 1993 for introducing Science through public media (books, magazines, TV). He was working for Bharat Electronics in Bangalore, India as a General Manager and after retirement, he moved to Chennai, India.

He died on Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008 at 9:22pm at Apollo hospital in Chennai at the age of 72. His death is a huge loss to the Tamil literary world and entertainment industry.

His first story was published in 1953 in ‘Sivaji’ magazine. Ironically, the last Tamil movie that he penned dialogues for was also titled ‘Sivaji’ (that was released in 2007 when he was alive).

Being an adherent fan of Sujatha’s writings, I started the Sujatha Fan Website (under Yahoo Geocities) in 1998. I have met him in person, spoken to him over phone and have exchanged several emails. I will definitely miss him.

Sujatha’s readers please share your thoughts and comments about Sujatha as a tribute to this greater writer.

You can buy Sujatha’s books online from his official website is http://www.writersujatha.com.